NEXUSCUBE introduction


NEXUSCUBE is a result of our commitment to the business communication with customers. Through various media outlets, it provides all kinds of functions required in communication with a customer in the most competent and effective way.

Simple & Safe

Avoid the waste of Resources through the optimization of the engine module with streamlining
Deal with the sudden change of environment with flexibility through Add-on structure well adjusted to the external condition
Provide never-stop-services maintaining the operating rate of 99.99% with server management through HA of S/W.

Easy & Useful

Maximize convenience and visibility with the interface tailored to the customers
Provide integrated Log-in process to facilitate the counsel
Provide various co-work tools including Internal Call, Chat, Notice and Help-Call to result in the active counsel

Motivated & Active

Extract systemic data with the User-defined Sheet instead of conventional one
Enhance the work efficiency through the Intelligent Outbound and Logic (Call Pacing, Tenant and Call Detection)
Increase the customer satisfaction and diversify marketing for customers with the call management function

NEXUSCUBE is composed with 6 sorts of programs and each can analyze and treat all calls, events and data within the Contact Center in real time.

mNEXUSCUBE M(Messenger)

NEXUSCUBE M enhances the operational efficiency through strengthened communication capacity among the Agents with the function of Messenger exclusive to the Contact Center.


Immediate coaching by the manager throughout Help-Call
Provide the Notice as a communication tool for the Agent to check up the Notice or the Notification anytime
Provide the Notice as a communication tool for the Agent to check up the Notice or the Notification anytime
Notify all Agents or ones of the specific group about changed tasks or significant to report
Support the file transfer in one-to-one and the remoteness support

icon_sNEXUSCUBE S(Scenario)

Easily set up Make and Edit Scenario for the Call Routing in the form of GUI and operate and apply the Scenario in real time.


icon_pNEXUSCUBE P(Personal)

NEXUSCUBE P (Personal) is a Self-Monitoring program on a real-time basis for the Agent use. This program supports the Agent to self-manage their schedule with the enhanced Statistics which provide performance of the Agent, the Agent Part, the Agent Group and the Queue usage Statistics on a real time basis. In addition, it compares and analyzes the performance of the Agent, the Agent Part, the Agent Group and the Route Point, maximizing work efficiency of each Agent.


nexuscube_rNEXUSCUBE R(Reporter)

NEXUSCUBE R provides the customized Statistics per project through the User-defined Report and with the template structure easily applied in the various formats.


nexuscube_aNEXUSCUBE A(Administrator)

NEXUSCUBE A provides the Auto Blending function for the Agent to carry out their work in the way of the Inbound apart from the Outbound or doing both at the same time depending on the task.


nexuscube_iNEXUSCUBE I(Insight)

It is enabled to provide the basic Statistics of the Resources of the Contact Center including the Agent Extension, the Agent, the Agent Team, the Agent Group, Queue and IVR and monitor these in real time with NEXUSCUBE I.