NEXUS Public Cloud Contact Center Service

NEXUS TUBE provides the Cloud-based Contact Center Service utilizing NEXUS DOME to business customers. The customers can run the Contact Center with stability and rapidity through the integrated communication service including education, counsel, management and statistics analysis as well as the communication service. TUBE is highly recommended to the corporation which wants to transfer to ASP or Cloud-based business using the existing infrastructure.


Expected Effects

Cost reduction by up to 50% compared to the on-premise
Provide total services including the Contact Center Management to run the Center with stability and specialty
Prospect new customers with the application of TUBE to variety business areas besides the traditional call center

Feature and Benefit

Cost reduction by up to 50% compared to the on-premise

The cost of initial introduction and management including payrolls, electricity, space and system can be reduced by more than 50% compared to that of the on-premise

Rapid Installation

It is enabled to install the solution in the Contact Center within one week or two compared to six to eight weeks of Installation period of the on-premise

Flexibility and Expandability

It is enabled to maintain and run the Cloud-based Contact Center with comparably lower cost of maintenance, expansion or downsizing with flexibility

Security and Stability

It provides solid security and stability with security, management and clustering structure utilizing encoding of transferred data and VDI