NEXUS Private Cloud All-In-One Solution

NEXUS DOME which is based on NEXUS CAiRO using SIP, HTTP and open sources is the Contact Center solution in the Private Cloud-based. When the client wants to upgrade the existing Center, NEXUS DOME is the best solution to meet the customer’s needs. Moreover, it is just fit for changeover of the existing system to one based on the Cloud environment in order to effectively cope with frequent needs for site expansion or change through integration with the existing solution


Expected Effects

Flexible expandability on the Cloud-based (Distributed Processing)
Provide stability, reasonable cost and efficiency with Linux and MySQL platform
Flexible expandability according to the number of users with IP-based solution
Provide independent Configuration for the client with the separation of VM- it is easy to cope with the ever-changing business environment through flexible license system (lease or Installation)

Features and Benefits

Secure End-to-End QoS in the virtualized environment

With the application of the latest technology on the Cloud-based, secure end-to-end QoS in the virtualized environment and present the network packet correction relate to QoS in the VM environment.

Openness and Flexibility of the Product

It supports easy integrating with the already-used 3rd party products as it is the solution based on the open source. It provides the customer-tailored service integrating with the best solution through the standard of API.

Reduce Cost of Lines and Telecommunication throughout direct integrating with the Internet network of Telecommunication Firm

It reduces the cost of lines, media gateway and telecommunication through direct integrating with the Internet network of telecommunication firms instead of integrating with the existing PSTN.


Stability and High Availability through the Clustering Structure

The availability of server is reinforced and the service continuity is secured by the clustering structure and HOT-SWAP even if there is any system failure like the hardware failure.


Real-time Monitoring

With the monitoring system equipped using SNMP, it can enhance the stability of the solution. It is enabled to monitor the status of server (CUP, Memory, Hard Disk) in real time and previously detect the problem in CTI process.


Easy to understand data with monitoring in a graph
Monitoring for Resources of the basic systems
Instant communication through SMS when the process runs or stops as it is optimized by NEXUSCUBE
communication through SMS when the file size exceeds the size limit
Sending the e-mail informing the monitoring results per marginal value
Creating the report on monitoring results

Manage massive call data up to 55 CPS

It is enabled to manage the call data up to 55 CPS as this product is self-developed and passes through the load test.